Uncontested Divorce Lawyers Eugene

Helping Families Going Through Divorce in Oregon

Many times, when people come into our office to speak to us about their divorce, they come in with a winner-loser mentality. They believe that they are the good person and their spouse is bad. This attitude can be very counterproductive and dramatically delay the resolution of your divorce. At the law office of Barbara M. Palmer in Eugene, Oregon, we emphasize to our clients that they can achieve faster, more economical resolutions if they work together toward amicable divorce.

Our firm is committed to representing clients living in areas surrounding Eugene in uncontested divorces and other family law matters. We believe the best approach in almost every divorce is one of cooperation. In many instances, a confrontational attitude will only lengthen and worsen the nature of your dispute. To speak with an experienced family law attorney about your legal concern, you should contact us today.

Our Firm’s Strengths

Education. Experience. Effectiveness. Communication. These are the four attributes that we stress in our practice. Barbara M. Palmer earned her B.A. from Portland State University and her J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law. We have been representing people in child custody, child support, spousal support and property division disputes for over 11 years. Our firm believes that working together is the best method to obtain a favorable resolution of your divorce. When you hire us to represent you, rest assured that we will always provide you with prompt responses to your questions in order to keep you informed about the status of your case.

A Focus on Uncontested Divorces

Many people have turned to document preparation services like “We the People” to handle their divorce. But these companies have been penalized for providing people with unauthorized legal advice. Now that some of these companies are no longer in business in Oregon, we want people to know that we are capable of handling their uncontested divorce.

To speak to an experienced family law attorney about your divorce, you should contact the law office of Barbara M. Palmer for an initial consultation.