Family Law and Divorce Lawyer in Eugene, Oregon

At the law firm of Barbara M. Palmer, we practice almost exclusively in the areas of family law and divorce. Our sole mission is to provide clients with professional and compassionate legal representation in a manner that helps them expedite the resolution of their legal concerns. For over a decade, our Eugene, Oregon, law firm has been helping people navigate the issues surrounding their divorce.

In the family law and domestic relation cases we handle, we take the time to get to know each client individually. We believe that it is important to learn about you and your particular situation before giving you any sort of legal advice. If you want to speak to an attorney about a family law or divorce matter, contact us to schedule an initial consultation:

In every divorce, there rarely is a true winner or loser because each party has an interest in being able to work with the other after completing divorce. That is why we encourage all of our clients to sit down with their spouse to reach an amicable resolution to their divorce. While this is not always possible in every case, in most instances spouses are at least able to agree on the majority of the issues.

When things cannot be resolved through negotiation, you should be rest assured that we are capable of litigating your case in family court. Before you begin your divorce, you should contact the law office of Barbara M. Palmer in Eugene, Oregon, to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer.