Resolving Oregon Child Custody and Relocation Matters

There are few decisions as important during your divorce than who should have custody of your child. Determining child custody arrangements is the most important area in which parents must work together during divorce. At the law firm of Barbara M. Palmer in Eugene, Oregon, we help parents resolve issues related to their children in order to reach child custody agreements that will protect their children.

Many factors are considered by the court before awarding a parent physical and legal custody. Each factor is equally important because the guiding principle used by a court is the best interests of a child. In most instances, one parent will be granted legal custody and the other parent will be granted parenting time. If both parties agree, the court can award joint custody over a child. To learn more about the issues surrounding child custody during a divorce, contact our family law firm to schedule an initial consultation.

Child Custody and Child Support Issues

The amount of child support the court awards a parent has always depended on the amount of time with the child he or she enjoys. On October 1, 2007, the law was modified to significantly increase the importance of this factor. Now the court will drastically increase the child support a parent is obliged to pay if a child does not spend at least 25 percent of the overnights with that parent.

Relocation, Modification and Enforcement Issues

As time goes on after your divorce, things will change that will require you and your spouse to revisit child custody issues. One of the things that may force you to modify child custody and parenting time agreements is when a parent wants to relocate a child. Depending upon how far a parent wants move, he or she may have to first obtain permission from the other parent. Barbara M. Palmer will represent parents seeking to modify and enforce child custody and parenting time agreements.

To speak to an experienced family law attorney about child custody, you should contact the law office of Barbara M. Palmer for an appointment.