Oregon Parent and Child Relocation Lawyer

The State of Oregon takes child custody and relocation matters very seriously. Parents must give the court and the other parent reasonable notice before they move more than 60 miles away from the other parent. Child custody and modifications plans may need to be modified to ensure relationships with parents are not compromised.

At the law firm of Barbara M. Palmer, P.C., in Eugene, Oregon, we take relocation matters seriously, too. We represent mothers and fathers who wish to relocate with a child or who want to contest the children’s relocation. We help our clients find constructive solutions to their issue, while protecting the children’s best interests. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Parental relocation is a complex and potentially legally difficult matter. Whether the parent is allowed to move with the child, child custody plans are modified, or physical custody is changed, depends on a variety of factors:

  • Current parenting time. In Oregon, the more parenting time a parent has, the harder it is to move the children away from the other parent.
  • Parental involvement with the children
  • Child’s age. Older children may have a harder time adjusting to new schools and making new friends.
  • Child’s personality. Some children have a more difficult time adjusting to new surroundings. If a child is very shy or has a close attachment with a parent, moving may not be in his or her best interest.
  • Reason for moving. A parent cannot move with a child to punish the other parent.
  • New location. The final custody and parenting time arrangement depends greatly on how far away one parent is moving from the other parent.

Parenting Time Evaluations

In any relocation matter, it is important to work out the best possible solution for both the parents and children. Sometimes, this involves a parenting time evaluation. In these situations, a mental health professional will evaluate the children’s overall situation, the parent’s motivation for moving, and the environment for the children.

Our firm will help you work out an agreement that meets your needs and your children’s. We will help you modify existing agreements that alter the parenting time schedule but do not change the amount of time you spend with your children to take into account the distance between the two parents’ homes. By being cooperative, we can help find a favorable solution that is cheaper and less intrusive than going to court.

To learn more about relocation issues and child custody modifications, please contact family law attorney Barbara M. Palmer for an initial consultation.