Oregon Attorney Representing Men in Divorce

When you got married, you probably never imagined that it would have ended. Now that you and your wife have decided to get a divorce, the reality that men are sometimes treated differently during a divorce must be faced. At the law office of Barbara M. Palmer in Eugene, Oregon, we have been representing men in divorces throughout the area for over 11 years.

While many of the issues faced by men during a divorce are the same as the issues faced by women, it is important to speak to an attorney who recognizes these differences. There are certain issues that are very specific to men going through a divorce, and our firm understands these differences. We will help you navigate the obstacles of your divorce in order to resolve them amicably. If you would like to speak to a lawyer who will take the time to understand your specific legal concerns, contact our law firm to schedule an appointment.

Issues That Men Must Consider During a Divorce

While the state has enacted laws that are fairly gender neutral, it may seem like there is an underlying favoritism toward women in divorce. Our firm will advise you about issues related to:

  • Child custody evaluations and disputes
  • Child and spousal support issues
  • Property division concerns
  • Parenting time agreements
  • Modification and enforcement issues
  • Divorce asset protection

The differences between males and females can play a significant role in your divorce if you fail to address it. Our firm has handled countless contested and uncontested divorces for people in Oregon. We will make sure that you understand the unique questions faced by men going through a divorce.

If are interested in speaking to an attorney who will represent you during your divorce, you should contact the law firm of Barbara M. Palmer in Eugene, Oregon, to schedule an appointment.