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In cases where the father of a child may not be known, or needs to be established to an acceptable point, a paternity test may be sought. A petition for paternity may be filed by a mother or a potential father. This petition compels the involved parties to seek a DNA test to establish the child’s parentage.

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Unmarried Father’s Rights

Even if the father of a child was never married to the mother, he still has rights to the child. Unfortunately, many misunderstandings still exist when it comes to the rights of unmarried fathers. Mothers do not have the right to deny access to a child, especially if paternity has been successfully established. The Oregon courts believe strongly in the best interests of the child, and that a relationship between a father and child should not only be facilitated, but is necessary.

DNA Testing

Technology has come a long way, allowing for more efficient DNA testing. The current DNA testing procedures call for a simple cheek swab from the child and the mother to be tested and compared with the cheek swab of the father in question. The reliability of this testing is over 99 percent and allows for both parents to know for a fact who the father is.

Once Paternity Is Established

After DNA test results are returned and the father’s biological rights are recognized, the parties can then begin discussions about how child custody and parenting time is to be arranged.

A child support order can also be created. This is important, as the child should be supported by both parents. When the proper father can be established, the correct person will be responsible for the child’s support.

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