Eugene, Oregon, Divorces Involving Only Property Division

Oregon is not a community property state, meaning that almost the entire marital property will be divided equitably between spouses during a divorce. This division can be the result of an agreement made between you and your spouse or a determination made by the court.

At the law office of Barbara M. Palmer in Eugene, Oregon, we represent couples in divorces that involve only spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, and property division issues. If you and your spouse need to work out an agreement concerning the division of your marital property, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Property Valuation Issues During Your Divorce

For most couples, property division means more than just dividing the money in a bank account; it involves accurately appraising marital property before separating it equitably. An adequate appraisal involves bringing in outside experts who know how to determine the approximated value of a specific piece of property. It is better to have a professional evaluate your property than to have a lawyer spend your money trying to determine what your property is worth. That is why our firm works with other professional experts to provide an accurate appraisal of your marital property.

Marital or Separate Property Issues

Another important factor that must be considered during your divorce is whether property is marital or separate property. Marital property is property that is subject to an equitable distribution, and an individual spouse owns separate property. Oregon law casts a wide net when it comes to what is considered as marital property. Many times, the court will look at the intentions of the party to determine whether the property is marital and should be divided equitably.

To learn more about marital property division questions involving business valuation, divorce asset protection, a pension or 401(k), contact a lawyer at the law firm of Barbara M. Palmer.