Experienced Eugene Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

For some people, going through a divorce involves only a limited number of disputed issues that can be resolved in a relatively short period. There is no real need to go through a drawn-out divorce that can cost a significant amount of money. Uncontested divorces are the ideal way for spouses to end their marriage quickly, with the least amount of cost and contention. At the Eugene, Oregon, law office of Barbara M. Palmer, P.C., we help people navigate through the issues surrounding an uncontested divorce.

Despite the fact that you and your spouse are parting on amicable terms, it is still important that you hire an experienced divorce attorney to represent you during a no-fault divorce. At the law office of Barbara M. Palmer, P.C., in Eugene, Oregon, we have helped countless people complete an uncontested divorce successfully. Contact us to schedule an appointment to speak to us about your uncontested divorce.

Document Preparation Services May Not Be Best for You

Up until recently, people were turning to document preparation services like “We the People” to complete their divorce. While people may have thought this was a money-saving option in comparison to traditional lawyer, in the end people may place important decisions in the hands of untrained individuals. Court forms that can be obtained from the Oregon Judicial Department can also be confusing and difficult to fill out correctly.

Unlike these document preparation services, we are actually trained in the area of family law and divorce. We are more than a paper mill that just processes your divorce. We actually take the time to sit down with you, learn more about your concerns and draft a tailored uncontested divorce agreement that is personalized to you and your family.

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At the law firm of Barbara M. Palmer, P.C., we help people complete a fast divorce that is uncontested. If you and your spouse are parting ways in a cordial manner, contact us to learn more about whether an uncontested divorce is the right choice for you to resolve issues related to child custody, child support, spousal support, marital property laws and property division.